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An exclusive network designed for aspiring and established speakers who are ready to elevate their brands, professional influence, and take the stage with confidence.

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    Kickstart or elevate your speaking career with professional marketing materials and a strong personal brand, all tailored to showcase your unique expertise and attract top-tier speaking engagements.

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    Access exclusive speaking engagements and opportunities to share your ideas with the world, elevate your professional profile, and make an impact on global stages.

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    Dive into specialized topics and enrich your understanding in our focused weekly meetings, complete with interactive Q&A sessions to address your curiosities and expand your knowledge.

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    Boost your visibility, credibility, and influence by reaching a broader audience, and demonstrating your expertise to cultivate growth and recognition in your field.

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    Harness the power of AI prompts to streamline your workflow and optimize resource allocation. Let our AI-generated prompts empower you to efficiently grow and scale your business without the time-consuming task of brainstorming ideas.

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Client Reviews

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“Since collaborating with Tara, my visibility has soared to new heights, capturing the attention of my ideal clients like never before. But more than just expanding my reach, Tara has connected me with a network of remarkable individuals, each one a testament to the strength and solidarity of her tribe.”

Dr. Stephanie Stoddart, MBA

“Tara is a fountain of incredible knowledge and THE person to have by your side as you build your confidence and prepare to deliver your TED talk. ”

Tracy Clark

“Tara’s leadership and heart-focused approach to informing me on how to understand, explain, and talk about my aspirations and who I am as an individual advanced my personal branding journey. Her high-energetic nature and deep sense of purpose inspired me to be vulnerable and share more about myself as a person and a human being seeking to improve. ”

Adam Dickinson

“Tara has significantly impacted my personal brand, securing prominent PR features such as Fox News New York, top podcast, as well as the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, solidifying my positioning as a thought leader. Her guidance helped refine my message, making it clear and relatable, which expanded my visibility. With Tara's expertise, my brand has not only gained recognition but has also flourished, opening doors to exciting new opportunities.”

Dr. Nadia Boutaoui, EMBAH

“Ultimately, I felt Tara was a great fit for me. She was very clear on what she could offer. She had an action plan for growing my LinkedIn audience. She understood what would be necessary to start and grow my speaking and coaching business. She was resourceful in using her knowledge and skills to apply and help me.”

Bobby Neal Jackson

“She helped me overcome my fear of hosting a LinkedIn Live, and I vividly recall her pep talk just before the event went live. "Just treat it like a regular conversation, similar to what we're doing now." She demonstrated to me the courage to achieve this, and I will always be grateful for that. Take her courses, hire her as a coach, or collaborate with her in any capacity. Tara has a tremendous heart and a wealth of knowledge to offer, and you will never regret it.”

Emma Lo

“Don't be afraid of her follower count, she is the real deal and is true and accessible if you are in a place that can receive the gold that she offers.”

Trevor Van Woerden

“She provides clear direction on how to leverage your LinkedIn and build your personal brand. She walks you through the steps on how to use resources such as Canva and the importance behind the choices you make for your profile to ensure you are communicating what you are intending to your audience. ”

Sarah McDonough

“Tara LaFon Gooch is a top-of-the line Brand Strategist, Speaker and Coach whose innovative business strategies can elevate your operations to the next level. This isn’t just another “business advice - Her revolutionary approach will take you beyond what you ever imagined was possible! ”

Edward E. Mosley Jr.

“Tara Lafon Gooch is a phenomenal instructor. I took her LinkedIn Personal Branding Program and learned so much. She covers the technical aspects of LinkedIn with such detail. Her explanations are easy to follow. Tara also inspires every person she meets to elevate themselves to the next level. She challenges them to add the foundations to their ideas, rediscover their core values and engage with each human on a personal level. The course was soul fulfilling for me. As you spend time with Tara, you realize that she is building community, a strong community of people who are communicating their ideas and connecting with others. Make an appointment with her and you will recognize what I did immediately.”

Shiney James

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